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Version: 5.x (Latest)


The minimum supported NPM version is 5.

Setting up global registry for all projects

To set the registry for all your local projects in any terminal window run:

npm set registry http://localhost:4873/

This will set the registry for your operational system user and you can find it on the file ~/.npmrc.

Using registry for a specific project

To set this value for a specific project open its root folder on a terminal window and run:

npm set registry http://localhost:4873/ --location project

This will set the registry in a .npmrc file in your project root directory.

or by specific scope eg: @my-scope/auth:

npm config set @my-scope:registry http://localhost:4873

Using registry only on specific command

If you want one single use append --registry http://localhost:4873/ to the required command. Some examples:

npm ci --registry http://localhost:4873
npm install --registry http://localhost:4873
npm install lodash --registry http://localhost:4873

How to prevent your package from being published in other registries

If you only want to publish your package to Verdaccio but keep installing from other registries you can setup the publishConfig in your package.json as described in the official documentation.

"publishConfig": {
"registry": "http://localhost:4873"

Creating user

With npm 8 or below, either adduser or login are able to create users and login at the same time.

npm adduser --registry http://localhost:4873

after version npm@9 the commands works separately:

  • login does not create users.
npm login --registry http://localhost:4873
  • adduser does not login users.
npm adduser --registry http://localhost:4873

Both commands relies on web login by default, but adding --auth-type=legacy you can get back the previous behaviour.

Web login is not supported for verdaccio.


npm login with npm@9 or higher

If you are running into issues login with npm@9.x or higher you could try use the legacy mode (see above).

For progress on the native support on future you can track the following issue#3413.

npm does not save authToken when authenticating to Verdaccio

If you are using either npm@5.4.x or npm@5.5.x, there are known issues with tokens, please upgrade to either 6.x or downgrade to npm@5.3.0.

SSL and certificates

When using Verdaccio under SSL without a valid certificate, defining strict-ssl in your config file is required otherwise you will get SSL Error: SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN errors.

npm does not support invalid certificates anymore since 2014.

npm config set ca ""
npm config set strict-ssl false

Mixed registries in lockefile (npm v7+)

Since version 7 npm got more strict with the introduction of lockfileVersion: 2. If you have mixed resolved fields in your lockfile, for instance, having this in your lockfile:

"name": "npm7",
"version": "1.0.0",
"lockfileVersion": 2,
"requires": true,
"packages": {
"": {
"version": "1.0.0",
"license": "ISC",
"dependencies": {
"lodash": "4.17.20",
"underscore": "^1.11.0"
..... // removed for simplicity
"dependencies": {
"lodash": {
"version": "4.17.20",
"resolved": "",
"integrity": "sha512-PlhdFcillOINfeV7Ni6oF1TAEayyZBoZ8bcshTHqOYJYlrqzRK5hagpagky5o4HfCzzd1TRkXPMFq6cKk9rGmA=="
"underscore": {
"version": "1.11.0",
"resolved": "http://localhost:4873/underscore/-/underscore-1.11.0.tgz",
"integrity": "sha512-xY96SsN3NA461qIRKZ/+qox37YXPtSBswMGfiNptr+wrt6ds4HaMw23TP612fEyGekRE6LNRiLYr/aqbHXNedw=="

Either running npm i --registry or using .npmrc will fail your installation.