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Version: 5.x


Using registry for a specific project

Create a bunfig.toml file at the root of the project and set

registry = "http://localhost:4873"

On run bun install command the installation will be done from the local registry.

To enable authenticated access to the registry, you can set the token in the bunfig.toml file.


# as an object with token
"@scope" = { token = "$npm_token", url = "https://localhost:4873/" }

Bun provides other ways to configure the registry, you can find more information in the official documentation.


Clear cache with bun

To remove the cache, seems that you need to remove the bun.lock file, this file is created when you run bun install and it's located in the root of the project.

It may be a better way to do this, please share new solutions.

rm bun.lockb