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Version: 5.x

Environment Variables

Verdaccio provides a set of environment variables to modify either permissions, port or http protocol. Here the complete list:


To change the behavior on runtime on running the image, these are the list of available variables.

VERDACCIO_APPDIR/opt/verdacciothe docker working directory
VERDACCIO_USER_NAMEverdacciothe system user
VERDACCIO_USER_UID10001the user id being used to apply folder permissions
VERDACCIO_PORT4873the verdaccio port
VERDACCIO_PROTOCOLhttpthe default http protocol


Enables gracefully shutdown, more info at the pull request #2121.


Define a specific public url for your server, it overrules the Host and X-Forwarded-Proto header if a reverse proxy is being used, it takes in account the url_prefix if is defined.

This is handy in such situations where a dynamic url is required.


url_prefix: '/my_prefix'

// url ->

url_prefix: '/'

// url ->

url_prefix: '/second_prefix'

// url ->'


The default header to identify the protocol is X-Forwarded-Proto, but there are some environments which uses something different, to change it use the variable VERDACCIO_FORWARDED_PROTO

$ VERDACCIO_FORWARDED_PROTO=CloudFront-Forwarded-Proto verdaccio --listen 5000


By default, the storage is taken from config file, but using this variable allows to set it from environment variable.


Overrides logs.colors from the config.yaml.

Note that any value that other than false will result in true.

When both are not provided - the colors are on by default for TTY processes, and off for processes that are not.