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Version: 6.x


Verdaccio is a Node.js private and proxy registry. To install it, you need a few basic prerequisites.


  1. Node.js v16 or higher.

  2. Your favorite Node Package Manager npm, pnpm or yarn (classic and modern).

We highly recommend to use the latest versions of Node Package Manager clients > npm@6.x | yarn@1.x | | yarn@2.x | pnpm@6.x. Don't support npm@5.x or older.

  1. A modern web browser to run the web interface. We actually support Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Verdaccio will support latest Node.js version according the Node.js Release Working Group recomendations.

Quick Introduction

Learn the basics before getting started, how to install, where is the location of the configuration file and more.

Installing the CLI

Before using Verdaccio in production, please read and be aware of the best practices.

Verdaccio must be installed globally using either of the following methods:

Using npm

npm install -g verdaccio@latest-6

or using yarn@1.x classic,

yarn global add verdaccio@latest-6

or using pnpm

pnpm install -g verdaccio@latest-6

install verdaccio

Basic Usage

Once it has been installed, you only need to execute the CLI command:

$> verdaccio
info -=- local storage path /Users/user/.local/share/verdaccio/storage/.verdaccio-db.json
info --- using htpasswd file: /Users/user/.config/verdaccio/htpasswd
info --- http address http://localhost:4873/
info --- version: 6.0.0-6-next.48
info --- server started

For more information about the CLI, please read the cli section.

You can set the registry by using the following command.

npm set registry http://localhost:4873/

you can pass a --registry flag when needed.

npm install --registry http://localhost:4873

define in your .npmrc a registry field.


Or a publishConfig in your package.json

"publishConfig": {
"registry": "http://localhost:4873"

For alternative configurations, please read the Using a private registry section.

Create Your Own Private NPM Package Tutorial

If you'd like a broader explanation, don't miss the tutorial created by thedevlife on how to Create Your Own Private NPM Package using Verdaccio.

Docker Image

docker run -it --rm --name verdaccio -p 4873:4873 verdaccio/verdaccio:nightly-master

Verdaccio has an official docker image you can use, and in most cases, the default configuration is good enough. For more information about how to install the official image, read the docker section, furthermore you can learn more about combining Docker images in our docker-examples repository.

Helm Chart

$ helm repo add verdaccio
$ helm repo update
$ helm install registry --set image.tag=nightly-master verdaccio/verdaccio