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Version: 6.x

Command Line Tool

The Verdaccio CLI is your tool to start and stop the application.


verdaccio --listen 4000 --config ~./config.yaml
--listen \ -lhttp:localhost:48737000Define protocol + host + port (formats)
--config \ -c~/.local/verdaccio/config.yaml~./config.yamlSet location of the configuration file
--info \ -iPrint local environment information
--version \ -vShow version information

Default config file location

To locate the home directory, verdaccio relies on $XDG_DATA_HOME as a first choice and for Windows environments we look for the APPDATA environment variable.

Config file format

Config files should be YAML, JSON or a NodeJS module. YAML format is detected by parsing config file extension (yaml or yml, case insensitive).

Default storage location

We use the $XDG_DATA_HOME environment by variable default to locate the storage by default which should be the same as $HOME/.local/share. If you are using a custom storage, this location is irrelevant.

Default database file location

The default database file location is in the storage location. Starting with version 4.0.0, the database file name will be .verdaccio-db.json for a new installation of Verdaccio. When upgrading an existing Verdaccio server, the file name will remain .sinopia-db.json.

Environment variables

Full list of environment variables.

  • VERDACCIO_HANDLE_KILL_SIGNALS to enable gracefully shutdown (since v4.12.0)