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Protecting packages

Verdaccio allows you protect publishing to your registry. To achieve that you will need to set up correctly configure your packages access.

Package configuration#

Let's see for instance the following set up. You have a set of dependencies that are prefixed with my-company-* and you need to protect them from anonymous or other non-authorized logged-in users.

"my-company-*":  access: admin teamA teamB teamC  publish: admin teamA

With this configuration, we allow the groups admin and teamA to publish and teamA, teamB and teamC to access the specified dependencies.

Use case: teamD tries to access the dependency#

So, if I am logged as teamD. I shouldn't be able to access all dependencies that match the my-company-* pattern.

npm whoamiteamD

I won't have access to such dependencies and they also won't be visible via the web interface for user teamD. If I try to access it, the following will happen:

npm install my-company-corenpm ERR! code E403npm ERR! 403 Forbidden: webpack-1@latest

or with yarn:

yarn add my-company-coreyarn add v0.24.6info No lockfile found.[1/4] 🔍  Resolving packages...error An unexpected error occurred: "http://localhost:5555/webpack-1: unregistered users are not allowed to access package my-company-core".