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Command Line Tool

The Verdaccio CLI is your tool to start and stop the application.


verdaccio --listen 4000 --config ~./config.yaml
--listen \ -l4873-p 7000http port
--config \ -c~/.local/verdaccio/config.yaml~./config.yamlthe configuration file
--info \ -iprints local environment information

Default config file location#

To locate the home directory, we rely on $XDG_DATA_HOME as a first choice and for Windows environments we look for the APPDATA environment variable.

Config file format#

Config files should be YAML, JSON or a NodeJS module. YAML format is detected by parsing config file extension (yaml or yml, case insensitive).

Default storage location#

We use the $XDG_DATA_HOME environment by variable default to locate the storage by default which should be the same as $HOME/.local/share. If you are using a custom storage, this location is irrelevant.

Default database file location#

The default database file location is in the storage location. Starting with version 4.0.0, the database file name will be .verdaccio-db.json for a new installation of Verdaccio. When upgrading an existing Verdaccio server, the file name will remain .sinopia-db.json.

Environment variables#

Full list of environment variables.

  • VERDACCIO_HANDLE_KILL_SIGNALS to enable gracefully shutdown (since v4.12.0)