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Web 用户界面


Verdaccio 有可定制的 Web 界面用于管理私有包

enable: true
title: Verdaccio
logo: logo.png
primary_color: "#4b5e40"
gravatar: true | false
scope: "@scope"
sort_packages: asc | desc

所有访问限制设置可以参考 保护包 页面,这些规则也将应用于 Web 界面。

建议 logo 尺寸为 40x40 像素。

The primary_color must be a valid hex representation.


Since v4.5.0, there are translations available.

web: en-US

⚠️ Only the languages in this list are available, feel free to contribute with more. The default one is en-US


titlestringVerdaccio全部HTML 页眉标题说明
gravatarbooleantrue>v4Gravatars will be generated under the hood if this property is enabled
logostring/local/path/to/my/logo.png http://my.logo.domain/logo.png全部logo 所在的 URI 路径(顶部 logo)
primary_colorstring"#4b5e40">4The primary color to use throughout the UI (header, etc)
scopestring@myscope>v3.xIf you're using this registry for a specific module scope, specify that scope to set it in the webui instructions header
darkModebooleanfalse>=v4.6.0This mode is an special theme for those want to live in the dark side
faviconstringfalse>=v5.0.1Display a custom favicon, can be local resource or valid url

The recommended logo size is 40x40 pixels.

The darkMode can be enabled via UI and is persisted in the browser local storage. Furthermore, also void primary_color and dark cannot be customized.