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Storage Plugin

What's an Storage Plugin?

Verdaccio by default uses a file system storage plugin local-storage. The default storage can be easily replaced, either using a community plugin or creating one by your own.


Storage plugins are composed of two objects, the IPluginStorage<T> and the IPackageStorage.

  • The IPluginStorage object handle the local database for private packages.
  interface IPluginStorage<T> extends IPlugin<T>, ITokenActions {
logger: Logger;
config: T & Config;
add(name: string, callback: Callback): void;
remove(name: string, callback: Callback): void;
get(callback: Callback): void;
getSecret(): Promise<string>;
setSecret(secret: string): Promise<any>;
getPackageStorage(packageInfo: string): IPackageStorage;
search(onPackage: onSearchPackage, onEnd: onEndSearchPackage, validateName: onValidatePackage): void;
  • The IPackageStorage is an object that is created by each request that handles the I/O actions for the metadata and tarballs.
interface IPackageStorage {
logger: Logger;
writeTarball(pkgName: string): IUploadTarball;
readTarball(pkgName: string): IReadTarball;
readPackage(fileName: string, callback: ReadPackageCallback): void;
createPackage(pkgName: string, value: Package, cb: CallbackAction): void;
deletePackage(fileName: string, callback: CallbackAction): void;
removePackage(callback: CallbackAction): void;
pkgFileName: string,
updateHandler: StorageUpdateCallback,
onWrite: StorageWriteCallback,
transformPackage: PackageTransformer,
onEnd: CallbackAction
): void;
savePackage(fileName: string, json: Package, callback: CallbackAction): void;

Generate an middleware plugin

For detailed info check our plugin generator page. Run the yo command in your terminal and follow the steps.

➜ yo verdaccio-plugin

Just found a `.yo-rc.json` in a parent directory.
Setting the project root at: /Users/user/verdaccio_yo_generator

_-----_ ╭──────────────────────────╮
| | │ Welcome to │
|--(o)--| │ generator-verdaccio-plug │
`---------´ │ in plugin generator! │
( _´U`_ ) ╰──────────────────────────╯
/___A___\ /
| ~ |
´ ` |° ´ Y `

? What is the name of your plugin? custom-endpoint
? Select Language typescript
? What kind of plugin you want to create? storage
? Please, describe your plugin awesome storage plugin
? GitHub username or organization myusername
? Author's Name Juan Picado
? Author's Email
? Key your keywords (comma to split) verdaccio,plugin,storage,awesome,verdaccio-plugin
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/package.json
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.gitignore
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.npmignore
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/jest.config.js
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.babelrc
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.travis.yml
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.eslintrc
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.eslintignore
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/src/PackageStorage.ts
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/src/index.ts
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/src/plugin.ts
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/index.ts
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/tsconfig.json
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/types/index.ts
create verdaccio-plugin-storage-package-database/.editorconfig

I'm all done. Running npm install for you to install the required dependencies. If this fails, try running the command yourself.

⸨ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░⸩ ⠋ fetchMetadata: sill pacote range manifest for @babel/plugin-syntax-jsx@^7.7.4 fetc

List Community Storage Plugins

The following list of plugins are implementing the Storage API and might be used them as example.