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As any web application, verdaccio has a customisable built-in logger. You can define multiple types of outputs.

# console output
- {type: stdout, format: pretty, level: http}
# file output

or file output.

{type: file, path: verdaccio.log, level: info}
# Rotating log stream.

Verdaccio 5 does not support rotation file anymore, here more details.

Use SIGUSR2 to notify the application, the log-file was rotated and it needs to reopen it. Note: Rotating log stream is not supported in cluster mode. See here


typestringNein[stdout, file]alldefine the output
pathstringNeinverdaccio.logallif type is file, define the location of that file
formatstringNein[pretty, pretty-timestamped]alloutput format
levelstringNein[fatal, error, warn, http, info, debug, trace]allverbose level