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· 4 min read

Verdaccio keeps backward compatibility with all versions since the first release (v2.0.0), but there are some considerations you need to know before start a migration.

· 9 min read

It’s not the first time that I’ve heard the following expression “Thanks for creating Verdaccio”, which actually flatters me, but is really hard to explain in a couple of words that I haven’t created Verdaccio. Perhaps I might be responsible for what is Verdaccio today, but that is a different story. Today I’d like to share the whole story behind this project and how I ended up working on it.

Sinopia “The Origin”

A few years ago in 2013, the main registry (npmjs) was running for a while and at the same time, Alex Kocharin decided to create Sinopia.

The original objective was to create a Private registry and Cache to reduce latency between npmjs and the private registry. By that time npmjs was starting to struggle with their own performance issues and be able to host private packages were not supported yet.